The courage of purification

"We ask
forgiveness ": Pope Francis's call echoed eight times in Dublin in Phoenix
Park during the Penitential Act pronounced at the beginning of the Eucharist
party Sunday afternoon 26 August. His request gave a voice to the cry of
pain of all victims of violations by members committed against the youth
of the clergy, and in particular of those "eight persons who are survivors"
with whom the Pope met for an hour and a half in the Nuntiature
afternoon, 25 August.

"If I think about what they told me, I would like to
beg the Lord's mercy for these crimes and ask for forgiveness for them ", the
Pope spoke out and called on the Lord to "keep and enlarge this feeling."
shame and repentance, and give us the strength to make sure it never happens
one more time. "Shortly thereafter, I greeted the Irish bishops before they left the country,
he issued a renewed invitation to continue the journey of courageously
"Purification and reconciliation with victims".

And if it
question of the scandals that besieged the church were the background of
some of the most important moments of this papal journey, the theme of the
family was pulled through all public meetings, especially during the
Closing moments of this important world meeting organized by the Irish capital
in the last few days. The vigil that took place Saturday night in Croke Park
Stadium offered the Pope the opportunity to reconfirm that family
represents "the hope of the Church and of the world" in the same way as he does
was reminded shortly before greeting young couples in Dublin
Pro cathedral. During the Sunday Mass, Pope Francis remembered the image of one
"Domestic Pentecost" to encourage the testimony of families called to "break down every barrier to reconcile it"
world to God and to make us what we were always meant to be: one person
family house together in justice, holiness and peace ".

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