The Dublin Council takes over the British builder to build two new skate parks

A British contractor has been appointed to build two new skate parks in Dublin.

Fingal County Council has chosen Freestyle Skate Parks to design and build the rolling facilities in Balbriggan and Skerries.

The council undertook a series of workshops with local skaters and other interested parties prior to the tendering of the project.

The design of the skateparks is already underway and it is hoped that both will be ready for the next summer.

Freestyle has a wealth of experience in designing facilities – the company has designed and built over 600 skate parks over the past 30 years.

A spokesperson for the Balbriggan Skatepark Committee said it was "heart-warming to know that the local Balbriggan community and the Fingal County Council can work so constructively towards the completion of such well-demanded recreational projects."

He added : "We know that the skaters and the wider Balbriggan commun I am very grateful for the support I have received to secure this well-needed sports accommodation."

A spokesperson for Skerries Skatepark reiterated their neighbors' point of view.

How the Balbriggan skate park is expected to look

said: "Our committee is delighted and pleased to hear that Skerries will have a beautiful skatepark to look forward to in the coming years.

" Every step of this process was Fingal County Council transparent, supportive and practical in how we deal with the community and cooperate with the municipality itself, on behalf of everyone in Skerries. Thank you! "

Mayor of Fingal Cllr Anthony Lavin said that the construction of the skateparks will be a wonderful resource for both communities.

" Recreational spaces are important for residents to make connections in their communities and their pursue interests, "he said.

" I am glad that the city council has been able to contribute to this project and look forward to its completion. "

The skates park of Skerries will have more vertical falls

Chief executive of Fingal County Council, Paul Reid, said Fingal had the youngest population in Ireland, so it was vital to invest in services to improve their living standards.

"He added:" The construction of the skate parks in Balbriggan and Skerries will help to make this possible, so that young people can enjoy the facilities in their environment. "

Some skaters complained, however, that the proposed Skerries park has more "verticals" than the Balbriggan.

Another view of the Balbriggan skatepark

One posted on Facebook: "Skerries gets a skate park." Balbriggan gets a seating area, this can not happen. "" Something is going on here. "Where are the half and quail pipes of Balbriggan? "

However, there were many more who quickly noticed that Fingal had consulted skaters about what they wanted before they signed up for the project.

Another poster remarked: "This is what the children asked for on the public day of the forum, well those who took the time to come in. But they are not lucky enough to two parks within 8 km of each other? Someone else has pointed out that, whether you preferred the Skerries or the Balbriggan Park, "it is so close that you have to go to a rough park". [19659026] Read more

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