Tributes paid as a tragic young couple who died in a horror Bundoran crash are called locally

A young man and a woman who died tragically in a horror car accident on Sunday morning are called local.

Homage payments were made to both Conall McAleer who lived in Pettigo, Co. Donegal and Shiva Devine, a mother in her twenties who was originally from Donegal town.

The popular young adults, who were both in their early twenties, were two of the six passengers in a Peugeot 306 who hit a wall on Sunday at 03.30 in Eastend in Bundoran. ] Three other young people remain in the hospital after the horrible accident.

Two men in their twenties were seriously injured in the crash and are still being treated at Sligo University Hospital, while a woman, also in her twenties, was seriously injured and transferred to Beaumont Hospital.

The scene of the fatal accident in Bundoran

Lovers paid tribute to both Conall and young mother Shiva on Sunday even ing.

Shiva was good known in the south of Donegal and in the border village of Belleek in Fermanagh.

A friend said: "Shiva was delicious inside and out, and she always smiled on her face.

" She was friendly and thoughtful and very popular. "

Friends and family also paid tribute to the young Conall McAleer, who originally came from Boa Island, County Fermanagh.

A post on social media said:" Rest easy beep x. "

Another read:" RIP beeping, you will unfortunately be missed so nice cubs go out to your family in this difficult time ".

Conall McAleer – A man and a woman have died and three others were injured after the car they were traveling against hit a wall Photo by Justin Kernoghan

Bundoran crash victim, Shiva Devine [19659007] Read more

A friend said that the whole village of Pettigo was in deep shock at the death of the young man who was a student at South West College in Enniskillen.

The friend added: "He was full fun and full of life and it is just so awful to think that we will not see him anymore. "

" He loved tractors and farming and rural life and had a lot of time for people.

"Conall will be seriously missed".

Sources told about the poignant and heartbreaking scene of the smash.

One said: "It was terrible to see all those young people just lying there.

The scene of the fatal accident in Bundoran

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