Tuam baby's are remembered during a special vigil during Pope's visit

Catherine Corless on the cemetery.

While Pope Francis begins to say mass at 3 o'clock this Sunday at Phoenix Park, more than 200 kilometers away in Tuam, survivors and families of the children of the town's infamous mother and baby house, and their supporters, will gather for a peaceful wake.

There is a procession from the square in Tuam, the Dublin Road to the place where hundreds of babies were buried in the former religious institution. They will light candles and leave memorabilia, including children's shoes, on the site; and there will be a roll-call of the 796 names of the children buried there.

A sculpture with a diameter of two feet in the form of a baptismal font consisting of miniature babies, donated by the Belgian sculptor Martine Stark, will be placed on the site.

"You could say that it is a kind of funeral for them," said Catherine Corless, the historian who unveiled the mass graves.

A woman in England, Annette McKay, whose sister is buried on the site, has campaigned since Mrs. Corless broke the story.

"If she had to stand alone, she would do it, I said we would all come on board, we're expecting a good audience, it's a peaceful vigil, which coincides with the Mass in Phoenix Park, to draw attention to the babies in the septic tank in Tuam hoping that the Pope, as well as the victims of sexual abuse, will also address the survivors of mother and baby homes across the country and in particular Tuam, "said she.

Ms. Corless said that "we believe deep down that the government is trying to hide this as quietly as possible and to minimize the fact that there are so many children in that area, both in the tank and on the terrain on which it is being run. "

Survivors hope that Pope Francis will recognize the Tuam babies during his visit.

"The Vatican must really and truly wake up to the facts of what happened in Ireland and other countries, as well as the pedophilia that is so wrong with the church and religious orders and the state.

"I believe it would have a lot of weight if Pope Francis would say he acknowledges that the babies are buried in Tuam in an unchristian way and that he is aware of this and he is aware that the survivors are still waiting for justice, not to mention the fact that he would have a lot of weight in his hometown in the Phoenix Park, "she added.

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