Up to 500,000 people expected at Phoenix Park Mass

It is expected that up to 500,000 people will attend the papal mass in the Phoenix Park, which is the closure of the World Meeting of Families this afternoon.

Heavy rainfall at night and this morning means that the site is very wet and the rain is expected to continue until noon.

Ports were opened for cardholders at 08.00, many of whom had to walk up to 7 km to go to the mass site.

Organizers urge people to arrive early and leave their cars at home and use public transportation to get to the location.

All public transport providers have special services throughout the day.

Pope Francis arrives in the park around 2.30 pm and will be given a tour of the mass mail in the pope.

The mass starts at 15.00 and takes about an hour and 45 minutes.

  • There are 2500 garda's in service today in the city – with 700 in the park and 900 in the immediate area outside.
  • 1,600 stewards are also present in the city, of whom 1,000 are in the park itself.
  • 7,000 volunteers from the World Meeting of Families also help people lead to the park.
  • 3,000 people will sing in the choir and 2,000 ministers of the Eucharist will help with communion.
  • There are also 1000 medical staff present, including 30 doctors and 30 nurses in the field hospital in the Phoenix Park.

There is entertainment on the stage in the park all morning to keep the crowd busy while they wait.

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