Update: thousands of people gather at Stand4Truth protest in Garden of Remembrance

Update 3.22pm: Thousands of people have stepped out in the center of Dublin for a protest, just a few miles from Phoenix Park, where Pope Francis celebrates Mass.

The Stand4Truth rally in the Garden of Remembrance started at 15.00, the same time as the Pope's Mass.

Thousands face a mobile internship that fills Parnell Square East. Some hold banners with the text "Secular justice for all, truth justice love and church without abuse".

Colm O & # 39; Gorman who participated in the solidarity march Stand4Truth for victims of swear words. Image: Leah Farrell / RollingNews.ie

An organizer said that the attendance had exceeded his expectations, and thanked those present.

One of the speakers of the platform, Sarah Clancy, told the assembled public "we have the right to be angry", cheering cheers.

A number of artists will perform music and poetry during the event.

Belfast singer Brian Kennedy performed the John Lennon classic Imagine during the rally.

For a crowd of thousands, Kennedy revealed that he had written a new verse for the song – which he said he sang in the direction of the Phoenix Park.

The protest takes place at the same time as Pope Francis celebrates Mass in the park.

The new verse began: "Imagine there are no pedophiles, I wonder if you can, no need to rape or slander, all these thousands can."

Update 14.50 hours: Demonstrators gather in the Garden of Remembrance on O'Connell Street in Dublin for a demonstration that coincides with the papal mass in the Phoenix Park.

A number of musicians including Hozier, Mary Black and Liam O & # 39; Maonlaí perform during the Stand4Truth event in solidarity with spiritual survivors.

The group then marches to the site of the former Magdalene Laundry on Sean McDermott Street.

The organizer of the event Colm O & # 39; Gorman says that the outcome is phenomenal.

"I've never seen anything like it," said Mr. O & # 39; Gorman.

"We met for the first time a week and a half ago and just look at what has been put together.

"The artists who absolutely said they wanted to join us and helped us build the sense of opportunity and spirit and intend that we wanted to build here

"The people who show up … it's great, it's fantastic, I mean, this is Ireland, it's phenomenal."

Clerical sexual abuse protesters gather at the General Post Office (GPO) on O'Connell Street in Dublin, prior to marching to the Garden of Remembrance. Image: Aaron Chown / PA Wire

Previously: protest march for victims of mental abuse that coincide with the papal mass

A solidarity march for victims of clerical abuse will take place today to coincide with the mass of Pope Francis in the Phoenix Park in Dublin.

The Stand4Truth march starts at 2.30 p.m. this afternoon at the Garden of Remembrance at Parnell Square and the organizers of the event say they expect thousands of people to participate.

Among those attending the march are singers Hozier, Mary Black and Liam O & # 39; Maonlai – who will perform on stage.

It also contains spoken word performances by theater maker Grace Dyas, poet Sarah Clancy and activist Colm O & # 39; Gorman.

The crowd will then quietly walk to the Sean McDermott Street to the last remaining Magdalene Laundry.

They can leave messages of support there, the focus of which will be a work of art commissioned by artist Will St Leger.

Demonstrators outside Dublin Castle condemned the treatment of victims of abuse by the Catholic Church yesterday

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