Weather forecast for Dublin as the final of All-Ireland in Croke Park

Dublin faces Tyrone today in the football final of All-Ireland.

The Dubs could make it 4 in a row in the decision-maker of today, while Tyrone is looking for a first title in a decade.

Overtaking is at 3.30 pm. If you are on the way to the game or even hang around in the capital without a ticket, you probably wonder what the weather will be like. And that is why we are here!

With Eireann, it says it will be mostly dry today, but generally cloudy. Specifically, it says that it will be largely dry before the game.

But take the umbrella with you, because the predictor has added that there will be a few spots with drizzle.

The meteorological service also said that it will be humid with a few warm sunny periods that will develop and then light rain will spread from the west tonight.

The highest temperatures are expected between 20 and 23 degrees with moderate south wind.

Generally speaking, with Eireann for the rest of Ireland, most areas will be dry for most of the day despite clouds.

Again, there will be scattered outbreaks of rain or drizzle, especially near the south and west coasts, with low clouds and mist on hills.

With Eireann added that it will be humid with a few warm sunny periods that are also developing, the best over the central and eastern areas. The highest temperatures are between 20 and 24 degrees with moderate southern winds.

Rainfalls are expected to become wider this evening.

Last night it is cloudy, with irregular light rain or drizzle with fog.

Dry, cooler and clear weather will follow from the west later tonight. The minimum temperature varies from 11 degrees in the east to seven in the northwest.

Tomorrow and the rest of the week, Eireann says that high pressure will bring fixed conditions.

It added: "Dry and cooler tomorrow, a cloudy start in the east, but bright with some sunny periods, moderate west wind, noticeably cooler, highest temperatures 15 to 18 degrees.

"Monday evening will be dry, cool and quiet.

"Tuesday will be cool, but a dry day in most parts of the country with light winds, the better sunny breaks in the south and east, but more misty in the northwest with a little drizzle or light rain on the coast there.

"Wednesday is cloudy in most areas with slightly varying mainly west breeze., Scattered stretches of rain will hit northern districts, but most places will be dry. Temperatures usually in the middle to high season.

"Little general change for Thursday and Friday, mainly dry, albeit rather cloudy and cool, wind from north- or north-west direction, no more than moderate in strength.

"The current signals are that it becomes more changeable with a refreshing southwest wind during the weekend with sometimes rain, but with a corresponding increase in temperatures."

Meanwhile, there is a Status Yellow warning for small vessels, because south to south wind forces six today on shores from Valentia to Slyne Head to reach Malin Head.

There is also a Status Yellow-blight warning. With Eireann warns: "Weather conditions conducive to the spread of potato blight are expected at weekends, mainly in the coastal provinces in the southwest, west and northwest." Some limited possibilities for spraying. "

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