Weather forecast Ireland: Eireann predicts widespread showers and pouring temperatures with a chance of thunder

Autumn is just around the corner and there is a clear pinch in the air this Friday morning.

Although most of the week has been mild and humid, today we see a change in the conditions, with temperatures dropping to 5 ° C overnight.

A Met Eireann predictor said: "Cool and windy today with scattered showers.

"The showers are spreading quite a lot in the afternoon with the risk of an isolated storm in the northern half of the country.

"The showers will tend to become more isolated by the evening with good sunshine that develops in many areas.

"Top temperatures of only 13 to 16 degrees in fresh and windless west to northwest winds."

Friday night will be "pretty cold" with temperatures as low as 5C in moderate northwest breeze.

Scattered showers will spend the night in parts of Ulster and Connacht, but will be largely dry elsewhere with a good development of clear periods.

Saturday marks the start of Pope Francis' journey to Ireland and it is predicted that there will be "good sunny periods".

One predictor said: "It looks like Saturday is dry in most areas with a mix of clouds and good sunny periods.

"There are, however, a few showers, which will largely be limited to Ulster and North Connacht, but the strange shower will drift to the north of Leinster in the afternoon and for a time in the evening."

Autumn weather

The top temperatures are between 15C and 18C.

On Saturday night the rain will pour in from the Atlantic Ocean and although the temperatures will drop to a low of 9C, it will not be as fresh as Friday.

Those who visit the Pope on Sunday have to take a brolly, because in the morning there will be & # 39; bursts of rain & # 39; in the whole country.

With Eireann said: "However, it is expected that the rain will soon disappear to the east with the last rain that is cleared on the east coast at lunchtime.

"Clear spells and scattered stormy showers will follow as the rain diminishes with the best of all the sunshine expected in eastern counties during the evening.

"Highest temperatures between 16C and 20C, the best values ​​in the east of the country.

"Clear spells and scattered showers on Sunday evening with the showers that are most prevalent in Ulster and Connacht."

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