Will it rain on the electric picnic? With Éireann prediction

Electric Picnic partygoers have had great weather so far, but with Éireann we recommend that there is some rain in the prognosis.

Stradbally in Laois basked in warm sunshine on Sunday mornings, but warns that rain in western coastal provinces will move eastward in the afternoon and evening, but will become more scattered.

It warns that in some eastern areas later this afternoon or this evening a number of heavy eruptions will occur.

However, it remains warm with heights in the afternoon from 17 to 20 degrees Celsius. Where the sun shines, it will reach 23 degrees Celsius.

When the darkness falls on Sunday, Met Éireann says that rain is expected tonight at a number of places tonight. It will disappear to the south during the night, as cooler and clearer from the northwest. Minimum temperatures of 7 to 11 degrees Celsius, the coolest in the northwest.

When people leave the site on Monday, it is usually dry, but cooler and fresher. It is expected that it is generally clear with good sunny periods. Moderate westerly wind and much fresher with highest temperatures from 15 to 17 or possibly 18 degrees Celsius.

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