Young mother seriously injured in the crash of Donegal opens her eyes

The 25-year-old has been in an induced coma at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin shortly after the accident.

Rachel Elliott was critically injured in the car accident bundoran last Sunday morning that killed two of her friends.

Last night, her family who was searching for social media for prayers said the young mother opened her eyes.

The relieved family went on Facebook to the positive news on Saturday night when they asked for more prayers for her health.

"We want to thank everyone for your continued support .. Rachel has finally opened her eyes and there is an improvement, please keep praying," her sister Donna wrote on Facebook.

Donegal crash

Rachel has been in an induced coma at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin and her family went online to search for prayers and informed loved ones of her condition.

Her sister told the Impartial Reporter: "It is heartbreaking to see her there and you can not do anything, we just want her to pull through, we need her to get through. She has to go ahead for her little boy Ronnie.

"We are numb, it is a living nightmare, we do not know if they make it, it's a game for us, we do not have any answers."

The mother-of-one from Irvinestown, Co Fermanagh, suffered serious injuries when thrown from the Peugeot 306 when it hit a wall in Bundoran last week.

Six people were in the car when it hit a wall on the wet night.

It claimed the lives of two people and left three other wounded, including Rachel, who was rushed to the Beaumont hospital while the others were being treated at Sligo University Hospital.

Young mother Shiva Devine, 20 years old, died alongside Conall McAleer, also at the age of 20 in the horror match at Eastend in Bundoran, Co. Donegal around 3.30 am.

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