Check cap (CHEK) upgraded to "buy" by Zacks Investment Research

Zacks Investment Research has shares of Check cap (NASDAQ: CHEK) from a clearing classification to a buy-rating in a study letter that was released on Monday 6 August. Zacks Investment Research currently has a price target of $ 3.75 on the shares of the medical research company.

According to Zacks, "Check Cap Ltd. is a medical diagnostic company that is engaged in the development of an ingestible imaging capsule for the screening of colorectal cancer.Check Cap Ltd. is located in Mount Carmel, Israel."

Apart from that, HC Wainwright issued a buy-rating again on 22 May and issued a target price of $ 14.00 on Check Cap shares in a research note.

Stocks of CHEK shares fell by $ 0.01 during mid-day trading and reached $ 4.03. The company's shares had a trading volume of 147,129 shares. Check Cap has a 12 month low of $ 3.08 and a 12 month high of $ 24.00.

Check Cap (NASDAQ: CHEK) last published its earnings on Friday 10 August. The medical research firm reported ($ 0.70) EPS for the quarter and defeated Zacks' consensus estimate of $ 0.82 with $ 0.12. stock analysts expect Check Cap to make -2.6 earnings per share for the current year.

A hedge fund recently bought a new stake in Check Cap shares. Fosun International Ltd bought a new position in Check Cap Ltd (NASDAQ: CHEK) shares during the second quarter, the company said in its most recent release to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The fund bought 127,558 shares of the shares of the medical research company, valued at approximately $ 517,000. Fosun International Ltd owned 7.97% of Check Cap at the end of the most recent reporting period. 15.97% of the shares are owned by hedge funds and other institutional investors.

About Check Cap

Check-Cap Ltd., a clinical stage of medical diagnostics, is engaged in the development of a capsule-based system that uses low-dose x-rays for screening of the colon for polyps, masses & colorectal cancers in Israel to detect. The C-Scan system consists of C-Scan Cap, an X-ray scan capsule, designed to measure, collect and transmit structural information; C-Scan Track, a biocompatible unit worn on the patient's back for control of the capsule, tracking and data recording; and C-Scan View, a personal computer-based software package designed to retrieve and process clinical data from the C-Scan track, and to reconstruct and produce 3D visualization of the inner surface of the colon .

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