Digibyte (DGB) – Scaling on the chain will promote acceptance in the future

Digibyte (DGB)

Digibyte (DGB) – One of the biggest challenges for cryptocurrencies today is that of scalability. Without scalability, it will be a challenge for blockchain technology to become mainstream. At the moment most cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC) are looking for off-chain scale solutions. Such a solution is the lightning network. But while the lightning network has received much praise, it ultimately creates the same problem that blockchain tried to solve, and that is centralized control.

This is because with solutions such as the lightning network, it more or less amounts to the confidence of a centralized external party. This defeats the whole point of blockchain technology, as the current centralized systems are doing reasonably well at the moment. For example, credit card companies can process thousands of transactions per second and can scale up fairly quickly. There is no point in switching to blockchain only to use a second layer of protocol that may not work as effectively as the existing systems.

The real solution lies in & # 39; on-chain scaling & # 39 ;, and Digibyte is one of the cryptos that is set to take blockchain mainstream via & # 39; on-chain scaling & # 39; . Digibyte (DGB) is scaling its design remotely, while maintaining decentralization, and the security that comes with blockchain technology. That is why it is logical for companies looking for a transition of centralized systems with a single fault point to look at Digibyte.

Therefore, because blockchain technology becomes mainstream and people start to appreciate the power, cryptos like Digibyte will benefit the most. Digibyte wins specifically because it has three major advantages over centralized entities and off-chain scale solutions. The first is security. Digibyte is undoubtedly one of the safest blockchains on the current market. It has 5 algorithms for mining that make it virtually impenetrable. Thanks to its secure nature, Digibyte offers a good chance to compete effectively with centralized systems, which will lead to more acceptance in the future.

The second is speed. Digibyte has some of the highest speeds of any cryptocurrency. Digibyte transactions are almost immediate and can compete with the more established centralized systems. As the system grows, Digibyte will become faster and this will increase the overall adoption rate.

Third, Digibyte has very low transaction costs and is incomparable with many other blockchain projects. The only ones who rival Digibyte on this front have a certain degree of centralization for them, which again defeats the whole essence of blockchain.

With a combination of these factors and the fact that it is designed to scale at a distance, there is no doubt that Digibyte (DGB) has a good future. As soon as the adoption starts on a large scale, the value of Digibyte (DGB) will increase significantly. It could easily be worth a few dollars in the near future. It is a permanent bet for anyone who considers blockchain technology as a long-term investment.


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