Life looks good when you live in New England, according to the latest report from the American newspaper News & World. Unfortunately not so much for the southern states.

One of the best places to live in America is according to Money in your backyard.

The publication West Chester has recently been listed as No. 36 of the 50 best places to live in America, with cities such as Boise, Idaho and Ann Arbor, Michigan being defeated. It was the only city in Ohio that made the list.

What made the suburb of Cincinnati area distinctive in the more than 500 other communities in the running? Are "excellent schools" for starters.

"Graduation rates for secondary schools are far above those of the surrounding region," the report said. West Chester's graduation rate is 94 percent, according to the study.

Steady job growth, modest costs and short commute times also did not hurt.

The report mentioned the population of West Chester as around 65,200, the average family income as $ 100,260 and the average house price as $ 194,000.

In explaining the methodology, Money only looked at places with a population of 50,000 or more.

"We've eliminated every place that's more than double the national crime rate, less than 85 percent of the state's median family income, or a lack of ethnic diversity," the publication said. "This gave us 583 places."

"We attached the utmost importance to economic health, the performance of public schools and local facilities, housing, living costs and diversity were also essential components," he said.

In addition to these factors, the food and music festivals of West Chester, community activities, holiday parades and family-friendly tourist attractions such as the National Voice of America Museum and EnterTRAINment Junction were prominent in the report.

And, in case you have not been sold at West Chester, the township is also the home of the former chairman of the House John Boehner and one of Ohio's two Ikea stores.

If you want to live the The best city in America, Money suggests to go to Frisco, Texas, north of Dallas. Too far? Ashburn, Virginia and Carmel, Indiana rounded off the top three.

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