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& Northern; Northern Exposure & # 39; The Latest Long-Gone TV Show in Revival Talks, could return to CBS in 2019

Rob Morrow will resume his role as Dr. Joel Fleischman, according to reports.

Northern exposure, the quirky 90s sitcom about the hassle in a weird city in Alaska, the last old TV show is the subject of possible revival talks, Variety reports. There is even a development deal in progress to bring the show back to CBS, the magazine reports on the entertainment industry.

For those who are not familiar, Northern exposure aired on CBS from 1990 to 1995. Initially, the comedy focused on the fish-eccentric story of Dr. Joel Fleischman (Rob Morrow), a metropolitan doctor from New York who tried (and often failed) to be successful integrate into life in the fictional town of Cicely, Alaska. The city dwellers consisted of a handful of idiosyncratic characters who were the culture shock of dr. Fleischman made worse.

Although widely acclaimed and a powerhouse with ratings, the appreciation, although still strong, had begun to decline at the end of the series. Meanwhile, behind the scenes drama, in which Morrow was mainly involved in the pursuit of better contracts and his eventual phasing out of the scripts. A transition to a less favorable time pin spelled doom for the show, according to one Entertainment per week Report from the time, and although the show had "a lot of life in it", as the executive producer Andrew Schneider said at the time, he was canceled after six seasons.

Now, however, the show seems to be in balance to make a comeback. After a week or so many rumors, Variety has confirmed that a revival of the show is indeed under development.

In fact, Morrow is being called to account for his role as Dr. Re-record Fleischman. His character returns to Cicely to attend the funeral of an unnamed "old friend", and will be reintegrated into the world of the strange characters who inhabit the city.

In addition to Morrow, other people who have joined the original run of the show will also return. John Corbett, who played alongside Morrow in the original run, has been added as a producer, although it appears that he is not appearing on the screen. Josh Brand, John Falsey and Ben Silverman will all write or produce executive products.

Northern exposure is the latest in an ever-growing list of TV programs that are being brought back from the dead, with mixed results. Al NBC has reduced Will & Graceand ABC has reduced Roseanne, which is later set as The Conners to the much published behavior of Roseanne Barr outside the screen. CBS is currently working on a revival of Murphy Brown.

Meanwhile, Northern exposure is not the only old show that is currently in discussion to be brought back. ABC, for example, reportedly is working on a revival of NYPD Blue.

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