Blue and White propose gay surrogacy bill, which Netanyahu faction opposes

At the behest of Blue and White leader Benny Gantz, the faction on Monday introduced three bills that are strongly opposed by its partners in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government coalition. Ginzburg, who heads the Knesset House Committee, with the aim of completing the legislative process during the current Knesset. “Blue and White sees this legislative package as an important milestone on the road to a better society and is sure that anyone who is concerned with the public interest and well-being of the country will give their full support,” said a spokeswoman for the country. The Surrogacy Act, introduced by Ginzburg, would allow gay men in Israel to use surrogate mothers in Israel to give birth to children. The bill aims to expand the circle of people eligible to seek surrogacy arrangements. , expand the circles of women who can serve as surrogate mothers and regulate surrogacy arrangement options outside of Israel, to include only external agencies and surrogacy clinics recognized by the Health and Justice Department, with the help of a formal advisory committee, which is also set up in the bill. The Shas faction beat Gantz for the p romots of the bill and accused him of burning bridges on the way to elections. “The attempt to advance bills that increase tension and cause cracks by a party doing poorly in the polls is only meant to get a few votes,” the Shas faction said.

The Basic Law: Equality would enshrine the right to equality and the prohibition of discrimination in the broader Basic Law: human dignity and freedom. The bill was tabled by Blue and White lawmakers Ginzburg, Michal Cotler-Wunsh, Einav Kabla and Tehila Friedman. that enshrines the Israeli Declaration of Independence as a compelling constitutional document, in the light of which all other laws must be examined and interpreted. “The bill is a reaffirmation and a renewal of commitment to Israel’s fundamental values ​​and core identity as Jewish and Democratic,” said Cotler-Wunsh, who initiated the bill. In anchoring the vision, mission and values ​​of the State of Israel, including the legacy of Israel’s prophets and equality for all citizens, this bill addresses and is a solution to the tremendous challenges Israel faces internally, in its relationship with it. diaspora Judaism and in the international arena. “

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