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Gideon Sa & # 39; ar: I love Shabbat and I am happy

Former minister Gideon SA, who finished fourth last week in the Likud primaries, is trying to leave his tense relationship with Prime Minister Netanyahu behind and concentrate on a Likud victory at the upcoming Knesset elections.

"We have completed a period of more than four years in the bosom of the family and the public has sent us back to the front of the arena," said Sa, who was a guest at the 16th Jerusalem Conference on Monday.

Sa'r referred to the decision of his wife Geula to withdraw from the Channel 11 news program not to experience a conflict of interest when reporting on political issues. "My wife made a moral decision that stems from a moral personality and she took this step, although her managers told me that she could continue to submit the issue."

Despite Netanyahu's attempts to thwart Sa's success in the primaries, Saar received many voices. "My success is testimony to what the audience thinks of me and thank God, we have arrived at the place where we arrived, and members of the movement obviously want to see me in front of the stage."

Sa & # 39; ar is convinced that both Lapid and Benny Gantz belong to the left camp, despite the presence of Moshe Ya & al., Alon, Yoaz Hendel and Zvika Hauser on the list "Israeli Resilience". According to Sa'r, "they will be on a list that is usually not in their opinion, unlike Gantz, they have years of experience that proves their opinions and views, but as I said, they will be at a party are in which she will be a minority. "

"I am not a religious person but a traditional one," Sa said about his closeness to the Jewish tradition. "A religious person can not choose which to observe and what not. I have taken it upon myself to keep Shabbat and I am very happy with that." In my opinion, the most important thing is to preserve our heritage and that which I want to convey and convey to my children. I do not like the different divisions. We are all Jews. "

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