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Google Docs gets an API for task automation – TechCrunch

Google today announced the general availability of a new Google Docs API that allows developers to automate many of the tasks that users typically do manually in the company's online office suite. The API has been in the developer preview since last year's Google Cloud Next 2018 and is now available to all developers.

As Google notes, the REST API is designed to help developers build workflow automation services for their users, build content management services, and create documents in bulk. Using the API, developers can also set processes that manipulate documents to update them after the fact, and the API also provides the ability to insert, delete, move, merge, and format inline images, insert inline images and work with lists, among others.

The canonical use case here is billing, where you regularly have to create similar documents with ever-changing order numbers and line items based on information from third-party systems (or maybe even just a Google spreadsheet). Google also notes that the import / export capabilities of the API allow you to use Docs for internal content management systems.

Some of the companies that built solutions based on the new API during the preview period are Zapier, Netflix, Mailchimp and Final Draft. Zapier integrated the Docs API into its own workflow automation tool to help its users create quote requests based on a template, while Netflix used it to build an internal tool that helps its engineers collect data and automate the process. documentation workflow.

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