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Minecraft Earth was enthusiastic about the gaming enthusiasts

Minecraft appeared on the PC on May 17, 2009. Exactly ten years ago, even the makers had never expected something like that & # 39; n success. Since its launch, the build-up adventure that now belongs to Microsoft has sold more than 176 million times around the world. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the brand, the Minecraft team dared fans of the game with a surprise: Minecraft Earth.

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Clogs come in the real world

The top game supports augmented reality for the first time. With this, Microsoft even makes Pokémon Go competition. With a little premonition during Build 2019, many fans were looking forward to the release. That it worked so quickly with the release, but then it's a bit surprising. Thanks the 10th birthday!

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At Minecraft Earth, players explore their neighborhoods in search of different blocks, treasure chests and monsters. When you come together with friends, it's even more fun to create spectacular buildings that you can place in the real world. Thanks to Augmented Reality, the buildings can even be explored in actual size. Other tasks are the fight against known opponents (Creeper), the production of handy tools, the release of monsters and the cultivation of blue plants.

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For smartphones

With Minecraft Earth you experience the usual Minecraft gameplay in a whole new way. So now the real world is a bit more pixelated. The Augmentet reality is available for Android and iOS smartphones.

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