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Pound to euro exchange rate: Brexit no-deal odds easing and GBP stabilizes Travel news To travel

The pound has hit the euro higher because the developments suggest that there could be a "softening or stopping Brexit altogether", "experts said." The exchange rate recovery came on Tuesday after the British government disparaged the Parliament because it did not take full legal action. advice to the Cabinet had published on the withdrawal agreement Sterling started its way to recovery after another government's defeat against Tory former Attorney General Dominic Grieve's amendment that could block a no-deal Brexit. exchange rate will be influenced by Eurozone figures issued today.

The pound is currently trading at € 1,123 against the euro, according to the Bloomberg.

Laura Parsons, currency analyst at TorFX, spoke with Express.co.uk about the latest exchange rate figures.

"With the chances of a no-deal, the Brexit seems to have declined (for the time being at least), the GBP / EUR exchange rate could stabilize on Thursday and trade in the region of € 1.122," said Parsons.

"The latest Q3 growth figures for the eurozone today are unlikely to have an impact on GBP / EUR unless the final figures differ from the original projections."

Today marks the third day of the five days of the debate next Tuesday.

If Prime Minister Theresa loses the Brexit vote next Tuesday, the government has 21 days to come back to the Commons to describe what happens next.

John Goldie, FX dealer at Argentex, described how pounds have remained volatile for investors because of the fear of a Brexit without a deal.

He said: "Sterling has fallen away from the fear that no deal is part of the conversation, but the comments seem to believe that recent developments can open the door to a complete softening of, or completely stopping, Brexit.

"If this mood gains ground, an increase of the pound of more than 1.30 on the cable and 1.15 pound-euro is fully achievable.

"However, I constantly warn that expectations must be kept under control and orders around 1.29 and 1.14 can expect the maximum in the very short term.

"Going next year, a second referendum would be seen as an opportunity to avoid the cliff or to completely withdraw Article 50, both of which would send the pound higher.

"In the meantime, No Deal is still a real possibility – irrespective of recent developments – and investors should be cautious in the assumption that this is not the case."

Holidaymakers who hope to buy post office travel benefit from an exchange rate of 1,0879 for amounts over £ 400 and 1,002 over £ 1000.

Instead of exchanging money until the week of departure, Britons should consider it one of their first tasks.

"You have to think about buying your holiday money as soon as you book," advised currency expert Rehan Ansari of the Caxton international currency service. "You would not book your flight at the airport, so why would you spend money at the last minute?"

Buying online is the fastest and most convenient way to buy currency. "If you buy online, you do not have to worry about large amounts of cash to carry away from the time of purchase," Rehan said.

"When you are online, it is also easier to quickly make a comparison or check your bank account in the comfort of your home or office."

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