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The 1 small, important detail in the new Game of Thrones & # 39; season 8-teaser that you may have missed

Warning: contains potential spoilers Game of Thrones Season 8.

Yes, okay, it's only a 40-second teaser without real season 8 recordings. But honestly, the day I can not be obsessed with a 40-second teaser without real season 8 shots is the day I stop myself being a Game of Thrones fan.

The teaser, which fell on Wednesday night, shows ice and fire that spreads over a map. As they spread both to the center, miniature images of different Houses – wolf / Stark; dragon / Targaryen; lion / Lannister – are engulfed.

As noted on Twitter and Reddit, however, they were not all overwhelmed by the same thing.

There are many interesting points in that tweet and there is a lot of room for speculation in the teaser. One thing that seems very deliberate are those close-ups of the images. First the wolf is wrapped in ice; then the dragon is shrouded in ice; after that the lion is finally swept up.

What does this mean exactly?

A simple guess would be that the ice and fire represent the things that will ultimately destroy or at least severely damage the houses in question – ie white walkers for the Starks and the Targaryens, and fire – possibly wildfire – for the Lannisters.

If we dig even deeper, it is also possible that the order in which these three things are engulfed offers some forecasting. The Stark stronghold of Winterfell that goes wrong with the invading hikers seems to be in line with the great battle that we think will take place in the first half of the season, for example. The freezing of the dragon could represent one of Daenerys' beasts which in the meantime went further than the Night King and meanwhile, and it would not be difficult to imagine that the flaming lion is symbolic of Cersei, which ultimately fires her own fiery effect.

Or it could all be a huge red herring, deliberately designed to stimulate as much Internet speculation as possible.

I think we should wait until April to find out.

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