Venom Honest Trailer: Is Eddie Brock a cannibal?

An unexpectedly huge blockbuster, from Sony Venus solo film receives a surprisingly positive Honest Trailer treatment from Screen Junkies. In retrospect, it is almost funny how concerned some people were about whether the idea of ​​telling a Venom origin story that did not include Spider-Man would work. Granted, Venus was not exactly embraced by critics, but a general audience around the world happily bought tickets to see how the symbiosis anti-hero wreaked devastating havoc in San Francisco, leading to a very impressive box office take.

From this writing, Venom the gross world is at $ 855.2 million, enough to make the effort of Sony the fifth largest film of 2018. A large part of that enormous success is due to Venus take off as a rocket in China, alone transporting $ 270.6 million. With a reported budget of $ 100 million, Venus is currently a profit machine for Sony, so the studio was probably very happy that it went ahead with the project, despite the widespread fan-skepticism that surrounded it. It turns out that Venom does not need the help of Peter Parker to dominate theaters.

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Screen junkies today released his Honest Trailer Venus, and that choice is not surprising, like Venus seemed like an obvious target for the usual brand snarky commentary from Honest Trailers. Although there is certainly a good amount present, some observers might be surprised to see how positive the assessment by Honest Trailers of Venus actually is. On the way many questions are asked, including whether Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) is a cannibal, because Venom ate people physically. View the full video below.

The question of whether Eddie Brock is cannibal or not is not easy to answer. Eddie does not eat people, Venom does. While Venom lives in Eddie & # 39; s body, Eddie is not really in a position to prevent Venom from chewing on other people once he takes it over. The best agreement they reach towards the end of the film is that Venom is no longer allowed to make a snack from someone who is not considered to be a bad person. So, does this mean that Eddie now knows how human meat tastes? It is certainly possible.

Other funny or interesting things in the Fair Trailer include that the narrator makes it clear that he is a dedicated Symbrock sender and at one point seems to enjoy the famous kiss between Eddie and She-Venom, much more than anyone would probably to do. Again, love comes in many forms, so maybe Eddie and Venom's romantic connection will appear on the screen in the inevitable sequel. The fair trailer also expresses annoyance Venom lack of an R-rating – a complaint repeated by many fans – and the amount of boring science jargon that hinders a largely entertaining film full of action and charm.

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