2 Spanish cities reverse BDS motions after legal action

Two municipalities in Spain have withdrawn their entry into the campaign to boycott Israel because of legal action by a Madrid-based organization committed to the defense of the Jewish state.

The city council of Villarrobledo, a city of 25,000 located 100 miles south-east of Madrid and known for its wine industry, abolished last week a motion passed in April that declared that the municipality was part of the boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, or BDS.

The move on August 21 followed a motion of the ACOM group, which in the past years promoted the demolition, annulment or suspension of 26 motions to boycott Israel by Spanish municipalities.

This week, the city council of Sagunto, a city of 64,000 inhabitants, located 200 miles east of Madrid, near the port city of Valencia, also reversed a motion that it had endured on June 26, leaving it a "space free of Israeli apartheid "was mentioned. The reversal followed ACOM's warning that failure to delete the motion would result in legal action, the group said.

Tribunals in Spain, including the Supreme Court of the country in two of its rulings, have invalidated more than a dozen motions adopted by municipalities when they expressed statements about ACOM's motions and other groups. Other municipalities voluntarily delisted their boycott motions under threat of legal action by ACOM.

Despite many victories over the BDS movement in Spain, the country still has dozens of municipalities that support BDS, more than in any other EU country.

In June, a motion was promoted by a local faction of the far left party Podemos at the Valencia City Council, the third largest city in Spain, announcing a boycott of Israel and Valencia as an "Israeli apartheid free zone".

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