3 suspicious of tires with Jlem stabber released to house arrest

Three people suspected of involvement in an attempted terrorist stabbing in Jerusalem on Friday were released for house arrest for a week after their hearing on the extension of their pre-trial detention despite opposition by the police.

The three suspects are released on Sunday afternoon for house arrest.

At the opening of the hearing, a police representative told Judge Abbas Assi that the three were seen walking around the market with Ahmad Muhammad Mahamid, 30, before his attack on a police officer,
which was quickly ended by officers in the old city of Jerusalem.

Mahamid, a native of Umm al-Fahm, was shot for a short time after attacking the policeman in HaGai Street, near the Damascus Gate.

CCTV images of attack (באדיבות דוברות המשטרה)

No one was injured by stabbing, except a police woman who suffered from fear. Images of the attack allowed the terrorist to search for a policeman with a knife on his telephone.

The lawyer of one of the suspects noted that the judge had established that there was no evidence against his client and that he therefore had to be released on Sunday.

"There is no evidence that the three suspects connects to the incident … The police saw the surname Mahamid and arrested them immediately because of a possible chance that the family was connected," the lawyer, Mustaffah Mahamid, told Ynet. & # 39; They could have arrested me with the same information. & # 39;

Da'indini Mahamid, the brother of one of the suspects, also complained to Ynet about the arrest.

"My brother is 50 years old and he just had a grandchild that he can only see tomorrow.It is anger.Everyone knows and reported in the media that the man who made the stabbing attempt was mentally ill," said Da & # 39; afini.

"We have no contact with him, we do not know him at all and we categorically condemn the act."

On Saturday another brother of the terrorist, Naseem, told Ynet
"He suffers from a mental illness and he tried to commit suicide several times, we did not know he was in the Al-Aqsa mosque on Friday, he usually will not come there."

Nassem also added that his brother had tried to commit suicide several times.

Ahmad Muhammad Mahamid

Ahmad Muhammad Mahamid

At the end of the hearing, Judge Abbas said that the evidence against the suspects did not make sense.

"The suspicion is based on the fact that the three were seen on security cameras that were running with the stabber, which can be seen as indirect evidence," Judge Assi said.

"The material in the evidence does not show any visual evidence, the terrorist traveled with the three suspects in a bus and left Umm al-Fahm to go to the al-Aqsa mosque, and in view of the new research actions, I believe that an alternative to detention is sufficient. "

According to the police, the perpetrator left the Council Council at the entrance of the Temple Mount around 5.30 pm. He then noticed that a group of police officers had been stationed a few meters away and tried to stab one of them with a knife that he held. After a fight between the police and the suspect, he was shot and killed by police officers on the spot.

The police responded to the incident by blocking the alleyways around the scene and investigating the identity of the perpetrator.

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