& # 39; Set up violence & # 39 ;: Israel arrest Palestinian journalist for live-streaming IDF soldiers

& # 39; Set up violence & # 39 ;: Israel arrests Palestinian journalist for live-streaming IDF soldiers A Palestinian journalist has been arrested by the Israeli authorities for filming soldiers on the Live site of the city of Ramallah Facebook live. They claim that he encourages violence against Israel and the army.

Ali Dar Ali streamed two videos on Facebook on Tuesday morning, showing Israeli forces (IDF) in the Al-Amari refugee camp. They were busy drafting a plan for a Palestinian home, a procedure that is usually carried out before a building is demolished, according to the Gaza-based journalist Hind Khoudary.

Israeli forces invaded Ali's home and arrested him the next day. The mother of the journalist, Umm Ali Dar Ali, told RT that the family slept when they knocked on the door in the middle of the night.

"We woke up and opened the door They told us they were soldiers … they went upstairs and arrested him He told me & Mom, do not worry, I hope I do not stay there for long stay, & # 39; "she said. Ali's mother also said that when she and other members of the family went to court, she was told that the detention of their son was extended.

The Palestinian broadcaster, which Ali is working for, has made his immediate call for release, accusing Israel of targeting the Palestinian media.

"These measures are intended to keep the Palestinian voice silent and dim the image so that Israel can commit its crimes without any noise," the agency said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the IDF has defended Ali's arrest. "The man filmed and edited videos from IDF troops during their operations, encouraged them to violence and attacked the state of Israel and IDF troops," it said.

Filming of IDF soldiers is illegal in Israel, while filming with the intention to "undermine the spirit of the army" can be punished with up to five years in prison.

Ali is at least the eighth Palestinian journalist arrested by Israel since July 30, according to numbers cited by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), saying that "Israel has been ruthless in its attack on the Palestinian press "and called on all arrested journalists to be released.

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