& # 39; We will bring another 1000 Ethiopian Jews to Israel & # 39;

Netanyahu at ministerial meeting, today

Netanyahu at ministerial meeting, today

Amos Ben Gershom / GPO

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened the Ministerial Committee for the Promotion and Integration of Israeli Citizens of Ethiopian Origin, where he promised to bring another 1,000 Ethiopian Jews to Israel.

"This is the eleventh meeting of this ministerial committee. During the last meeting I promised to make a recommendation concerning the Falash Mura and after consultation with the MK & # 39; s Amsalem and Neguise, I can inform you that I have decided that about 1,000 members of the community – whose children are already there – must be brought to Israel, "Netanyahu said at the beginning of the meeting.

"This is not a simple decision because of other ramifications we have with regard to members of the Ethiopian community, but I am determined to do so and I add that this is in the wake of 1,300 Falash Mura who have already come to Israel .

I have asked [Interior Minister] Aryeh Deri, who can not be present at this meeting, to submit a draft decision from the government. This is in keeping with the importance with which we have treated this precious community, which is part of our people and is part of our state. "

Prime Minister Netanyahu referred to reports of discrimination in Kiryat Gat:

"Yesterday I heard an angry and racist comment against Ethiopian Jews in Kiryat Gat.We are not willing to accept this, we reject this rightly We will discuss measures to address this phenomenon during this meeting We are not willing to accept racism against the Ethiopian Jewish community or against any other collection in Israel, we will discuss this at this meeting. "

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