Amidst ethnic tensions the head of IDF meets Druzen, leaders of the Bedouin Jns

IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Gadi Eizenkot visited Sheikh Amin Tarif's tomb in the Druze village of Julis in northern Israel on Friday, in honor of the upcoming Eid al-Adha holiday. He was accompanied by senior officers in the Israeli armed forces, including the highest ranking of Brigadier Brig. Gene. Ghassan Alian, who was recently appointed head of the central staff.

The top military officials met representatives of the Druze community in Israel and his spiritual leader Sheikh Mowafaq Tarif, as well as representatives of the Bedouin community, and talked about the integration of minority groups in Israel into the IDF.

Eizenkots meeting comes as many in the Druze and other non-Jewish ethnic minorities have expressed their anger over Israel's newly established state law, which establishes the Jewish character of Israel and lowers the status of Arabic from an official to a "special "language in Israel.

According to IDF's findings, the number of members of the Bedouin community and the Druze has increased by 30% last year. population continues to serve in an ever-greater variety of military roles.

"For the army to realize its mission, highly qualified people who are committed are needed", said Eizenkot during the meeting. "I recognize this commitment to action in the members of the Bedouin community and the Druze community at every IDF visit, and I see the partnership before me every day and every hour."

According to Eizenkot, this partnership and responsibility is an integral part of an army that represents everyone who grew up in Israel and played their part for the country. 19659002] "We have to look back 70 years with pride and 70 years ahead to a shared future", emphasized Eizenkot. "This is not integration, it is shared responsibility, this is mutual commitment."

He said that the evidence was the number of Druze officers who climb the rows and increase the number of Bedouin recruits.

"The IDF offers equal opportunities, no matter where you come from, and will continue to act to achieve the founding principles of the people's army and integrate all soldiers from different ethnic groups," he said.

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