Belgium divided Jerusalem The Sivertelegram

Бельгия поделила Иерусалим

The family of the house of Anabel Herziger Tentser in the pisshole they & # 39; s of Jerusalem. Family – the citizenship of Israel and Belgium.

Last week the family received an astonishing letter from the Consulate of Belgium in Israel. The letters explained the procedure for the course of the upcoming elections in Belgium. The mother received a letter as a resident of Jerusalem and her children lived in the same apartment as the inhabitants of the "Palestinian territories".

The father of the family, Alex Tentser, said: "Belgium has not only divided Jerusalem, it also tries to separate my children from my wife, we have always lived in the north of Jerusalem and we are a part of Jerusalem. explanation for the total, so we sent new letters, in which all family members are called residents of Jerusalem. & # 39;


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