Belgium is addressing a letter to the Jerusalem family to the Palestinian territories

A family in Jerusalem with double Israeli and Belgian citizenship received last week letters from the Consulate General of Belgium stating that the parents of the family live in "Jerusalem" while their two children live in "Palestinian territories".

The family lived in the district of Pisgat Ze & # 39; ev, which is located on the green line in East Jerusalem, and expressed its shock at the different reference to the city written on the letters.

The family said that all letters addressed to the family by the Belgian consulate always referred to all its members as residents of Jerusalem.

Tenzer family

Tenzer family

The mother, Annabel Hertziger Tenzer, received the letter addressed to Jerusalem, while her children, Talia (24) and Gilad (26) – both of whom live in the same apartment – received a letter addressed to Palestinian Territories & # 39; ;

The letter, sent to every Belgian citizen as the Western European country at its national elections, was intended to explain to all expats their rights and to cast their vote.

According to the family, the sudden shift in policy was prompted by the transfer in May of this year from the US Embassy of Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,
a movement that was rejected by the European Union, which thinks that the fate of the holy city should be decided in negotiations on the final status between Israel and the Palestinians.

Home to the al-Aqsa mosque and other sacred sites of three great monotheistic religions, including Christianity, the Palestinians claim the eastern half as their capital in a future state.

Pisgat She & # 39; ev (photo: EPA)

Pisgat She & # 39; ev (Photo: EPA)

Israel – with the Western Wall as a symbol of the heart of Jewish heritage – united the city after the Six Day War of 1967 and cites the 2000-year relationship of the Jewish people with all of Jerusalem, and insists that it be the undivided capital of the Jewish state.

Avi Tenzer, the father of the Belgian family, threw down his former residence for the letters and accused it of wanting to divorce families in Jerusalem.

"Not only does Belgium distribute Jerusalem, it also tries to separate me and my wife from my children," Avi said.

"We have always lived in North Jerusalem and we are part of Jerusalem, and until then all the letters we received had the city of Jerusalem written at the address, and we hope that this is not a change in Belgian policy. and ask them to send new letters with Jerusalem written on them, "he added.

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