Corbyns' horrifying hatred against Israel has blinded him to the company he loves & # 39;

Jeremy Corbyn & # 39; s "vitriolic hatred of Israel" has blinded him for the company he is keeping, a Jewish Labor MP said.

Lady Louise Ellman said it was "deeply troubling" that the British Labor leader had "shared platforms with terrorists".

The veteran MP for Liverpool Riverside spoke Sunday at the Jewish Labor Movement conference in London, because allegations of anti-Semitism continue to consume the party.

She said she was determined to continue working from the party in the run-up to parliamentary chairman Frank Field last week, but explained that she was afraid of deselection, especially with upcoming rule changes that would allow "to get rid of MPs ".

"It is very worrying that Jeremy Corbyn shared platforms with terrorists," she said.

"I think his worldview and his chilling hatred against Israel, not a certain government of Israel, his chilling hatred against Israel, and I expect the rejection of the concept of Zionism itself has blinded him to the company he keeps."

She added: "I think that his overwhelming hatred towards Israel is ubiquitous and the rest is not recognized or does not seem to matter, and because of recent events it is suddenly in the spotlight that it can no longer be ignored."

Dame Louise, together with colleague Jewish Labor MP Luciana Berger, told conference participants about the abuse they had experienced, partly by members of the party, including the statement that "we do not have human blood".

"I have been told that Jeremy himself has named me the deputy for Tel Aviv, which I suspect is true," she said.

Mrs Berger referred to a "summer of anti-Semitism within the Labor Party", which dominated the headlines almost every day.

Dame Louise added: "There has always been some anti-Semitism on the left … but there has been nothing like what has happened in recent years, where it has become persistent and endemic in the party and has been ignored."

– Press Association

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