CTech & # 39; s Sunday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

In the attempt to reduce mobile use, Tel Aviv high school students send candy to strangers. In anticipation of the upcoming school year, Tel Aviv wants to reduce the use of mobile phones among parents, students and the general public. The campaign was launched Sunday with a livestream from Facebook, a hashtag on Instagram and an abundance of billboards that call people to & # 39; out of picture & # 39; to stay. Read more

School children using smartphones (illustration). Photo: Shutterstock School children using smartphones (illustration). Photo: Shutterstock

Juul stops selling e-cigarettes in Israel in 10 days. On Sunday, the Israeli Supreme Court rejected Juul's request for a temporary injunction against the government ban last week. read more

Analysis Baidu & # 39; s reputation problem in China offers Google a chance. Baidu may be the undisputed market leader in China, but users in the country believe that the search engine is too commercial and ethically challenged. read more

Teva's EpiPen will not reach the US market in time for the school year, the report said. The Israeli medicine man received approval for a first generic version of Mylan's auto-injector earlier this month. read more

In Jaffa, a luxury hotel built on ruins from the time of the crusaders attracts social anger. The expansive lobby of the recently opened luxury hotel Tel Aviv, The Jaffa, is shared by a 13th-century wall. A historic chapel was changed into the bar of the hotel. read more

Tel Aviv announces plan to make train stations more accessible. The construction is planned in connection with the launch in 2025 of Tel Aviv's light rail lines. read more

Gang reportedly has sold data to future Israeli military recruits. According to a survey by the Israeli Privacy Protection Authority, between 2011-2014, two Israeli soldiers provided lists of stolen data about potential military recruits. read more

News Briefs

IFF, Frutarom sets the date for completion of acquisition. read more

Delta will start an extra direct route from New York to Tel Aviv in the summer of 2019. read more

Startup for generating money with money Game of Whales buys Appstatics, based on Hong Kong. read more

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