Gaza terrorist worked for Médecins Sans Frontières

The Palestinian terrorist who opened fire to IDF soldiers
Earlier this week and killed when they came back, a nurse was working for Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières), the IDF said Thursday and added that it was looking for a statement from the international support group.

The IDF called the Palestinian as Hani Majdalawi and said that he was shot dead Monday after shooting and throwing a grenade at soldiers.

"We contacted Médecins Sans Frontières for clarification on the issue," said a spokesperson for the IDF.

Conflicts at the border with Gaza (Photo: AFP)

Conflicts at the border with Gaza (Photo: AFP)

The organization did not immediately answer Reuters phone and e-mail questions. The website states that the group runs three burns and trauma centers in Gaza, whose Islamic Hamas leaders have waged three wars against Israel over the past decade.

The authorities in Gaza have not confirmed the death of Majdalawi, because that would mean that his body, which they thought it was in the hands of Israel, would have. The IDF said they could not confirm this immediately.

No single Palestinian terrorist group claimed Majdalawi as a member.

Responding to Israeli reports in the media about the murder of Majdalawi, his brother, Osama, described the married 28-year-old on Facebook as a "martyr" who had "bought the weapon with his own money" and acted "completely independently".

The Facebook post said that Hani Majdalawi had worked for MSF and that he was "the socially, psychologically and economically stable of his brothers".

Gaza has seen an almost five-month increase in confrontations along the border, where Palestinians have held violent mass demonstrations on a weekly basis.

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