Hezbollah shows Khaibar-1 rockets – Annahar Staff

BEIRUT: Hezbollah has shown another aspect of its broad arsenal on the Mleeta Resistance Tourist Landmark with four Khaibar-1 missiles.

The move is the latest form of psychological warfare aimed at Israel, who has tried to stop the pressure on Russia to keep Hezbollah and Iranian militias away from the cease-fire line of Golan Heights.

Last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected a Russian offer to keep the Iranian forces 100 kilometers from the border, while the Syrian government forces led rebels near the Golan.

Hezbollah and Iranian militias were entrenched in Syria and fought alongside Bashar Al Assad's troops to help him turn the scales to his advantage.

The missiles, also known as Khyber-1, M-302 or B-302, is a Syrian 302 mm unguided artillery missile and best known for use by Hezbollah against targets in northern Israel during the 2006 Lebanese War.

It was used to target targets in Afula, 52 km from the Lebanese border, and Hadera, a city in the Haifa district of Israel, 75 km away.

The characteristics of the rocket are as follows:

Diameter: 333 mm

Weight: 916 kg

Length: 7 meters

Maximum range: 75 kilometers

Minimum range: 44 km

Charging weight: 405 kg

Warhead weight: 180 kg

Weight of explosive material: 90 kg

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