IDF is on its way to improve conditions for soldiers

IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot has formulated a brand new program designed to improve the conditions of soldiers.

The blueprint, initiated by Eisenkot, which will soon complete its term as head of the IDF, also gives battalion commanders the freedom to make special funds available for purchases they deem necessary, and will also reduce dependence on the army. external donations.

The plan will be a continuation of a series of measures that Eisenkot has taken to improve the conditions that combat soldiers have to deal with.

IDF soldiers watch a World Cup football match at the Syrian border

IDF soldiers watch a World Cup football match at the Syrian border

During his three-year term, which was extended to a fourth year by Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, Eisenkot doubled the salaries of combat soldiers, provided an additional NIS 2000 for combat troops reaching their third year of service and improved their bases, especially those in the north.

Most importantly, Eisenkot introduced a subsidy for all dismissed combat soldiers to finance three years of academic studies.

Over the past few months, an IDF commission has been tasked with finding solutions for assisting battalions by Eisenkot's deputy, Major General Aviv Kochavi, and led by head of Northern Command Staff Brig. Gene. Asher Ben-Lulu, together with commander of the superpowers General-Major Kobi Barak, head of the Brig Brigade Directorate. General Moti Almoz and eight other brigade commanders.

The committee worked for more than seven months in which it interviewed dozens of IDF commanders and battalion commanders, found significant shortcomings in the service conditions of the soldiers and formulated a number of recommendations.

The program that was formed based on the findings was approved by Eisenkot and will be implemented in the various field units over the next two years.

As part of the blueprint, each battalion commander receives a budget of a maximum of NIS 150,000 and a minimum of NIS 40,000, depending on the size, functions and requirements of the battalion. The battalion commanders receive a credit card that is ordered every year.

IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot (photo: IDF spokesman)

IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot (Photo: IDF spokesperson)

The new benefit is intended to remove the dependence on external donations on which many battalions have relied in recent years. The budget is provided directly to the battalion commander to expedite the transfer of the funds.

Each battalion will also have 30 days of access to a rented vehicle that can be used by the soldiers with the permission of the battalion commander.

Special entertainment spaces have also been added to some of the bases, which include televisions and game consoles and are powered by portable generators

Mobile fitness rooms will also be set up with weights and other equipment that allows soldiers to practice while in the field.

The army also tries to make the work of doctors in the army more efficient by limiting their time in the field for tasks and assignments that are not related to their profession.

The committee also decided to develop an application that allows soldiers to easily access a list of their rights.

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