IDF soldiers rob a gas station with a knife

The police arrested four defendants earlier this month, three of whom in the IDF, on suspicion of robbing a supermarket in the southern city of Arad.

The arrests of the defendants, Bedouin residents from the Negev, were extended and the Public Prosecution Service said it intended to issue indictment recommendations.

At the end of last month, the police received a report about the robbery around 4.30 pm.

A preliminary police investigation showed that two suspects in the supermarket arrived with masks and in possession of a large knife. They then threatened the receptionist and his girlfriend on the premises.

Video showing suspect robbing a convenience store

One of the suspects put the counter in the cash register and loaded a large amount of products, including tobacco, perfumes, watches and various mobile devices.

While the robber ran up his bag of stolen goods, a second suspect waved a knife and a pepper spray to the receptionist and his girlfriend, telling them they should not go.

The result was that the receptionist's girlfriend collapsed – but that no medical treatment was necessary – and the suspects fled away from an escape vehicle that was parked outside the store.

Suspect behind the counter

Suspect behind the counter

During the investigation, the police discovered the identity of the two suspects and two other suspects, one of whom is suspected of clearing the robbery escape route while the other is suspected of driving the escape vehicle.

The four, all 20 years old, are residents of the Negev Bedouin cities Kuseifeh and Lakiya, and Nokdim, a community settlement on the West Bank.

When the police searched the houses of the suspects, some of the allegedly stolen possessions and the clothes of the suspects were seized. Their arrest was extended again and again and they are faced with charges.

According to a police statement "the Israeli police are making efforts to ensure the safety of law-abiding citizens and their property." The police are constantly conducting investigations and arrests of all who are suspected of obstructing the lives of law-abiding citizens and their environment.

"The police fight against serious crime continues." This is a stubborn and resolute fight that is conducted in different ways, sometimes with the help of hidden research and operational techniques, "the statement concluded.

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