IDF unveils new Merkava IV Barak tank

The Merkava Mark IV tank, currently used by the IDF's Armored Corps, is undergoing a series of improvements that will be on the battlefield after three years in the form of its successor tank, the Merkava Mark IV Barak.

The new tank will contain advanced technology systems that are expected to make it more deadly, faster and safer than the current Merkava Mark-4.

New Merkava IV Barak tank (צילום: דובר צה"ל)

It will also be equipped with an artificial intelligence system that includes a smart task computer to integrate the various tasks performed by the systems of the tank.

The mission computer is responsible for receiving all data from the operational network and tank systems, analyzing the information and bringing it to the attention of the commander in accordance with the urgency and relevance of the information.

"In this way, the computer will reduce the burden on the crew members, improve the reliability of the system, identify the targets and increase the likelihood that they will be hit," explained the IDF. "The Barak tank will also be delivered with an improved cannon and cannon from the commander."

The new tank will also be equipped with a range of sensors and new equipment, such as the Iron Vision helmet, which allows the hunters to maneuver in densely populated urban areas without removing their heads from the tank and exposing them to enemy fire while enjoying a 360 degree image of their environment.

Merkava Mark-4 tanks (Photo: AFP)

Merkava Mark-4 tanks (Photo: AFP)

The internal operational qualities of the tank also undergo an unprecedented technological facelift. With modern touch screens that replace the thick switch pads, the working environment in the tank will be more convenient and easier to operate for a generation that is not familiar with outdated buttons.

With advanced defense capabilities (an improved rocket trophy system) and process automation, the tank will ease the burden on the crew by targeting them according to the mission urgency.

 (Photo: IDF Spokesmans unit)

(Photo: IDF Spokesmans unit)

In addition to the new tank, the traditional composition of an armored company will soon be changed with the addition of a tenth tank and an extra commander to each company. Most tanks in the corps will be ordered by an officer in service.

The IDF noted that "this change creates a greater impact on the battlefield as well as flexibility in broad operations." This change stems from the realization that the future battlefield requires more people with decision-making possibilities and a broad understanding of the operational environment. . "

Meanwhile, high officers in the Armored Corps said that after the crisis of motivation & # 39; from last year
In order to join the Armored Corps ranks, there has been an improvement in recent recruits who want to serve in tank brigades because of public relations efforts.

Tank touchscreen (Photo: IDF Spokesmans unit)

Tank touch screen (Photo: IDF Spokesmans unit)

According to army figures, there is something more than one recruit for every available spot in the Armored Corps. In the March 2018 concept, 83% of new recruits indicated they wanted to serve in the Armored Corps, whereas in November 2016 this was only 54%.

As part of the efforts to increase motivation, potential recruits were told about the many operational activities carried out by the tank units – even during relatively quiet periods.

Since the beginning of the year, the Armored Corps has hit more than 20 terrorists in the Gaza Strip and destroyed about 30 terrorist infrastructures. These actions include the firing of 81 grenades, the killing of 12 terrorists and the injury of ten.

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