»Israel approves dozens of units in illegal colony near Bethlehem – IMEMC news

The Israeli authorities approved the construction of 106 new units in the illegal Efrat colony, built on private Palestinian territories between the village of Ertas and the al-Khader city south of Bethlehem, on the occupied West Bank.

Hasan Breijiyya, the coordinator of the popular committee against the annexation walls and colonies in Bethlehem, said that the Israeli â € œHigher Council for Construction and Planningâ €, of the Israeli â € œCivil Administrationâ € office in the occupied West Bank, the construction of 40 new units in Efrat.

Breijiyya added that the colonists had appealed and demanded more units before the council increased the number of units to 106.

All of Israel's colonies on the occupied West Bank, including in and around Jerusalem, are illegal under international law, the Fourth Geneva Convention and various international resolutions and treaties.


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