Israel approves immigration for 1,000 Ethiopian Jews

JERUSALEM – The Israeli government has agreed to include 1,000 Ethiopian Jews – and only accepts a fraction of the 8,000 remaining Jews from the African country who want to move to Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday that a special committee had agreed to allow members of the community who already have children to immigrate to Israel. It was not clear what will happen to the remaining 7,000 people.

Alisa Bodner, a spokesperson for the Israeli Ethiopian community, called Netanyahu's decision an "incredible disappointment."

Many of the 8,000 practice Jews and have relatives in Israel. But Israel does not regard them as Jewish under strict religious legislation, which means that their immigration requires special approval.

Israel agreed in 2015 to bring the remaining Ethiopians to Israel, but did not give permission for funding for their relocation. The families introduce discrimination.

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