Israel establishes a temporary consulate in Uman for Rosh Hashanah

Israel will open a temporary consulate in Uman during Rosh Hashanah, when at least 30,000 Jews perform a pilgrimage in that Ukrainian city.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem Tuesday announced the move, stating that the diplomat working from the temporary consulate will "handle urgent consular matters such as stolen or lost travel documents and all other emergency aid distributed by Israeli embassies around the world" .

The temporary consulate is on the compound with what many believe is the cemetery of Rabbi Nachman, an 18th-century luminarium whose alleged tombs are the focal point of the celebration.

As in previous years, the Israeli police send a detachment to Uman for the duration of the holiday to help the local authorities to maintain order.

Authorities in Ukraine have improved access to Uman in recent years, with plans to open a disused military airport near the city for direct flights. Uman, a city with 70,000 inhabitants, is located in the center of Ukraine, 150 miles south of Kiev and 200 kilometers south of Odessa.

Last year, 40 million pilgrims arrived in Uman.

The pilgrimage has caused a great deal of friction between the predominantly Israeli newcomers and the local population, many of whom abandon police by neighborhoods for the pilgrims.

Another problem is the internal trade that develops among pilgrims, some of whom say they eliminate the benefits of conventional tourism.

But according to operativno.netUkrainian entrepreneurs in Uman raise pilgrims as a matter of policy. While Ukrainian customers pay 70 cents for a dozen eggs, pilgrims pay $ 10, according to the news website.

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