Israel issues 36 administrative detention orders

RAMALLAH (Monday) – The Israeli authorities issued 36 administrative arrest warrants on Sunday against a number of Palestinian detainees detained in various Israeli prisons over a period of three to six months.

Mahmmud Halabi, lawyer for the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS), said on Sunday that 10 out of 36 detainees received administrative detention orders for the first time, while the remaining 26 Palestinians received new administrative detention orders.
Halabi confirmed that most of these detainees are placed in prisons by the Israeli authorities without an indictment or trial.
Administrative detention is a prison sentence without trial or accusation, there is no time limit and the evidence on which it is based is not published. Israel uses this measure extensively and routinely and has used it to hold hundreds of Palestinians for a longer period of time.
According to the Addameer prisoner rights group, 5820 Palestinian prisoners were detained in Israeli prisons, 446 of whom are in administrative detention.
In a report by the Israeli NGO B & # 39; Tselem, which was based on the statistics of the Israeli prison service, it stated that in the past year, 29 Palestinians were detained on average monthly in administrative detention and 37 were released.
The report added that in the past decade the number of prisoners detained by Israel in a single month was never less than 150.
Law groups say Israel's administrative detention policy has been used as an attempt to disrupt Palestinian political processes, particularly against Palestinian activists, journalists and politicians.

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