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23-year-old has spent 95 days behind bars

By Qais Abu Samra

RAMALLAH, Palestine

Israel placed Friday Fida Akhlil, a 23-year-old Palestinian woman, in administrative detention six months after she had completed a prison sentence of 95 days for "sedition" according to a Palestinian NGO.

The move was announced on the same day that Akhlil, who comes from the city of Hebron on the West Bank (Al-Khalil), was expected to be released, the Palestinian Society Prisoners Society said in a statement.

Akhlil, who has remained in Israeli custody since May 29 for alleged "sedition & # 39 ;," has spent 95 days behind the bars.

According to Palestinian figures, about 6,500 Palestinians are currently wasting away in Israeli prisons, including dozens of women, dozens of minors and at least six Palestinian legislators.

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