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A number of Israeli settlers from the Yitzhar colony, illegally built on Palestinian lands south of the city of Nablus, hurled stones at various Palestinian cars, injured four residents and caused damage to many cars.

Media sources in Nablus said the attacks took place on the main road between the city and Qalqilia.

They added that the wounded Palestinians were identified as Abdul-Hafith Mousa, and his sons Mohammad and Tareq, alongside Mohammad Saleh Awad, from Tulkarem. They were rushed to a treatment at the Rafidia hospital in Nablus.

Ghassan Daghlas, a Palestinian official who follows Israel's illegal colonial activities in the northern West Bank, said that such attacks had experienced a very serious escalation after a settler's wife died during a road crash last Thursday.

He added that the Yitzhar settlers have carried out countless attacks against the Palestinians and closed the road Nablus-Qalqilia, in addition to causing damage to many cars and injuries to many residents, including several children.

Daghlas declared that the Israeli attackers burned a bulldozer within 48 hours, attacking many houses in â € ~Aseera ash-Shamaliya town and Jaloud village, south of Nablus, besides cutting 900 trees in the al-Lubban ash-Sharqiya village, also south of Nablus, Arraba city, south of Jenin, and the Ras Karkar village, northwest of Ramallah on the central West Bank, and destroyed a well.

He added that the settlers also wrote racist graffiti in al-Isawiya and Shuâ € ™ fat, in occupied Jerusalem, and punctures of more than 15 Palestinian cars.

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