Israeli police arrest fourth suspect in violent attack on Israeli Arabs – Israel News

The police arrested another suspect on Sunday in the recent brutal attack on three Israeli Arabs on Kiryat Haim Beach in the north. The 21-year-old suspect is a resident of Kiryat Motzkin and can be transferred to a closed center on Monday. He is the fourth suspect who is arrested for the case.

On Thursday, the Krayot Magistrate's Court ordered a 20-year-old suspect another four days (until Monday) and said that he might have been involved in another, similar attack. During the hearing, the police mentioned a previous attack that they think was possibly committed by the same young men suspected of the Kiryat Haim attack on the weekend before.

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The defendant who was arrested Thursday, a resident of the suburb of Kiryat Yam in Haifa, has a criminal record and was identified by two of the three victims in an assembly. During the hearing, the police also showed images of the security cameras' attack on the beach.

The attack took place while the three victims, all residents of Shfaram, were on the beach. One of the victims, Dr. Mohammed Yusifin, a medical resident in the Ichilov hospital in Tel Aviv, told Haaretz that the attackers came with chains, clubs and knives.

"There were about eight," he said. "They began to beat us mercilessly." He added that one of the attackers approached them to check if they were indeed Arabs before the attack. When the beating started, the victims were told that they "had no right to come here" and should go to "their places".

The attack ended only when two other Jews intervened, calling the police and the ambulance service of Magen David Adom. All three victims were taken to the hospital for treatment.

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