Lap dancing goes from risqué to risky in Israel, where prosecutors & # 39; form of prostitution & # 39; prohibit

Israeli prosecutors have launched an offensive to end lap dance in strip clubs, while legislators from across the political spectrum support a bill to ban striptease across the board.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said on Sunday that law enforcement had received a statement from the prosecutor's office stating that mockery can be considered a form of prostitution and thus a violation.

Officers now await instructions on maintaining the rule, he said.

Striptease and prostitution … perpetuate harmful and humiliating attitude towards women and their bodies

draft amendment

"The phenomenon known as & # 39; lapdance & # 39; is in some circumstances an" act of prostitution "," says the policy rule.

"The continuation of this activity constitutes a violation and reason for taking all measures in the law", said entrepreneurs.

The police have informed strip clubs of the policy change and warned that they would act to enforce it, according to the ruling.

Rosenfeld confirmed that "some letters have been sent" to club owners.

While the public prosecutor's office is using administrative tools to tighten enforcement, parliamentarians from both the government and the opposition are also sponsoring amendments to the law criminalizing striptease as part of the prostitution cycle & # 39 ;.

"The bill is intended to reflect in Israeli law the direct relationship between striptease and prostitution, both of which perpetuate the harmful and humiliating attitude towards women and their bodies", according to the draft amendment. "The strip industry is closely connected to the prostitution sector, and a large part of the strip clubs are used as brothels."

Although prostitution itself is legal in Israel, most related activities, such as questions, pimping and breast-feeding, are criminal offenses.

Last month the government approved a bill for the clients of fine prostitutes, which is expected to appear before the parliament after the summer break.

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