Minister of public security releases arms laws for IDF veterans

Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan
has approved an amendment to the arms licensing policy, making it easier for hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens who have served in IDF combat roles (Rifleman 07 and above) to obtain a firearms license.

The change will allow more than 600,000 people to apply for a weapons license, depending on a satisfactory health declaration and a police license. Until now, even those who served in IDF battle roles could only obtain a gun license if they lived on the green line or worked in a safety-related position.

Gilad Erdan (Photo: Avi Moalem)

Gilad Erdan (Photo: Avi Moalem)

In addition, Erdan decided to allow all officers of the rank of lieutenant and non-commissioned officers of the rank of sergeant-master to carry a weapon, even after they had completed their reserve service.

"Many civilians have saved lives during terrorist attacks: in an age of attacking lonely wolf terror, the more armed and trained civilians there are, the greater the chance that an attack will be disrupted and the victims will be reduced," said the minister.

In that case, reforms were also approved which are intended to improve the inspection process for new applicants and for existing licensees.

Volunteers at certain positions in the police, as well as members of MDA and other medical emergency services, are also eligible to carry a firearm under the new policy.

Another change, aimed at those who have a license for private firearms in a legal and continuous manner for 10 years or longer, is that they can continue to carry their weapon, even without further proof of compliance with the test.

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