My Salaam – Ahed Tamimi: a sight among many

Around 2012, a video of a young blond-haired girl with viral viral hair was on the internet, sparking international interest for the continued occupation of Palestinians by the Israeli army. The girl raised her fist to a fully equipped soldier, kicked and hit him in the face as she tried to protect her house and family. Her name: Ahed Tamimi.

Five years later, the elderly (but still very young) Ahed was sentenced to 8 months in the Israeli prison.

Ahed was born on January 31, 2001 to parents Bassem Tamimi and Nariman Al-Tamimi in the village of Nabi Salih, located on the West Bank of Palestine.

You have probably heard of Ahed. If that is not the case, we have something to talk about. A recent event that also received a lot of publicity was the release of Ahed from prison on 29 July.

She went through a lot of misery before she was even arrested and imprisoned when she was 16. In interrogations it was said that she was sexually harassed by an Israeli soldier. Her arrest is a violation of human rights because she is a minor. She spent four months in prison.

Ahed is a hunter. She completed her high school diploma in prison.

She confirmed that she wants to become a lawyer with a passionate and clever intention; to use it to liberate Palestine. She is right, technically, if people follow international law, Palestine would be fully recognizable on every map of the world.

The popularity of Ahed stems from her story. Many people claim that her arrest was valid; while in fact its resistance and actions come from a very logical point. Her then 15-year-old cousin was shot in his head with a rubber bullet. Her whole family has always been a part of the resistance, and her cousin Janna is also important, documents everything and endangers herself, all for Palestine.

  Ahed Tamimi


Ahed's activism is peaceful compared to what it has experienced, people are intimidated by its actions because people are intimidated by real prowess, which is unusual today. Palestinian activism in Palestine and around the world is usually peaceful, as are the protests in the Great March of Return in Gaza, both by children and adults.

Ahed & # 39; s inner conflict that led her to do what she did was her eternal struggle with being a Palestinian and insulting her in her own homeland. She saw how her family was physically and emotionally injured. Her actions were all about talking in what she believed, about the Palestinian struggle; the struggle that people have been talking about for about a century.

When people regard Ahed as violent, they forget that it is human instinct and nature for someone to fight for their homeland, against genocide, against inequality, and against the murderous occupation of Palestine.

She is a modern revolutionary, a face of hope and perseverance for the already brave Palestinian children, adolescents and young people in and from Palestine.

Ahed and many people like her are fearless; they know the consequences very well, and they insist on speaking the truth, the truth many have remembered to forget.

As the Palestinian-Israeli conflict becomes more complicated every day, it is difficult to keep up with the struggle of the Palestinians to form a larger and more complete picture. What happened to Ahed has happened to many other Palestinians and it is all a build-up of the struggle of Palestinian citizens who feel them every day. The pressure and drive and fire in our eyes lead to hope and our appropriate need to fight back to get our country back, just.

Ahed Tamimi is the newest and latest face of Palestinian & Youth Activism. Many people claimed that her popularity was because she did not look like your typical Arab. This is illogical because she understands the occupation just like any other Palestinian, and simply fights for her country, the appearance does not matter, and representation comes in different forms.

It is a fact that Palestinian children are victims of suffering because of the lack of human resources and human rights. They know the struggle from the moment they are born to the moment they die, and stay in Palestine.

Ahed Tamimi is a face for the resilience of Palestinian youth, girls and the oppressed.

Ben Gurion once said "the old one will die and the young will forget", but no Palestinian can ever forget this.

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