Palestinian mail arrives in the West Bank eight years late

Jericho: Palestinians in the occupied West Bank are about to receive a special delivery of more than ten tons mail that has been delayed by Israel for the past eight year.

Postmen have sorted thousands mail bags in the West Bank city ​​of Jericho in recent days after the Israeli authorities had allowed access to the letters and parcels from neighboring Jordan.

The 10.5 tons mail was detained in Jordan since 2010 because Israel does not have a direct transfer to the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, Palestinian officials said.

Mail for the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, whose borders are under Israeli control, first passes Israel, allowing it to carry out security checks.

The Israeli authorities said the transfer was a one-time gesture and steps were taken to implement a 2016 agreement that would allow direct international communication mail left with the West Bank.

In the facility in Jericho, among other things, a wheelchair and toys were sorted.

"A team was formed from all over the city (Jericho) to deliver (the mail) as soon as possible to the people, "said Hussein Sawafta, director general of the Palestinian Postal service.

But Ramadan Ghazawy, one Palestinian postal worker, said that some materials are difficult to deliver because the contents of the damaged envelopes and boxes were spilled, while the addresses on others were unclear.

"There are toys for children, maybe a year old when those gifts were sent, now they are eight"Said Ghazawy.


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