Palestinians condemn the judgment of the Israeli court to demolish the village in East Jerusalem

RAMALLAH, SEPTEMBER 5 (Xinhua) – The Palestinians condemned on Wednesday the decision of the Israeli Supreme Court to demolish the Bedouin village of Al-Khan al-Ahmar east of Jerusalem.

The Israeli court rejected the call of the villagers to stop their deportation and demolition of their facilities, said Walid Assaf, head of the Palestinian Authority for Wall and Colonization Control.

He said that the court finally decided within a week to continue with the demolition, adding that a warning was announced in the village.

"The ruling of the Court confirms the crime of forced displacement, ethnic cleansing and mass destruction by Israel practiced against Palestinian communities and their isolation in cantons," Assaf said.

Adnan Husseini, responsible for Jerusalem affairs in the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), told Xinhua that "the Israeli court's decision is proof that the Israeli judiciary is one of the instruments of occupation."

The decision will not change the Palestinian position to reject the plan to demolish the village of Al-Khan Al-Ahmar and the Palestinians are determined to confront it with all available means, stressed the PLO official.

He warned that the plan to demolish the village is part of a settlement plan to strangle and isolate the city of Jerusalem from the West Bank.

Al-Khan Al-Ahmar is a Bedouin area near the settlements of Ma'eheh Adumim and Kfar Adumim, east of Jerusalem, whose inhabitants live in tents and huts.

About 200 Palestinian Bedouin live in this meeting, of which 53 percent are children and 95 percent are Palestinian refugees registered with the United Nations Aid and Work Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA).

In May, the Israeli Supreme Court decided to demolish the village, with a school for 170 pupils in the area.

The village is surrounded by a number of Israeli settlements. It is part of the country that the Israeli authorities want to use for the implementation of the E1 & # 39; settlement project, which should undermine prospects for a two-state solution.

The Palestinian government spokesman, Yousef al-Mahmoud, said the court's verdict "is an aggression against the principles of human rights and the abolition of agreements between people to preserve their rights to their property, homes, and lives."

President Abbas Fatah spokesman for the Osama al-Qawasmeh party called on the Palestinian people to "go to the village and defend it against the barbaric decision to demolish the village and deport people".

In Gaza, the Islamic Hamas movement said in a press statement that the Israeli court's decision is "a crime" and added, "The courts are instruments that implement the policies of the Israeli authorities."

Hamas held Israel responsible for the consequences of "the new crime", and calls on the Palestinian people to "revolt against the occupier and oppose his crimes and let his settlements fail."

The Palestinians accuse Israel of launching an attack on the Bedouin communities bordering the eastern part of Jerusalem and practicing ethnic cleansing & # 39; in favor of the construction of settlements.

Israel usually justifies its demolition because of construction without a permit, but Palestinian and international human rights organizations say that Israel seldom issues building permits.

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