Phrase doubled for Israeli policeman who shot Palestinian


JERUSALEM (AP) – The Israeli Supreme Court has doubled the verdict of a former border policeman who was sentenced in the death of a stone-framed Palestinian teenager in 2014.

The Sunday court confirmed an appeal by the state for a longer sentence, extending the prison sentence of Ben Deri from nine months to eighteen months.

The court in Jerusalem ruled in April that Deri unjustly opened fire during demonstrations in the West Bank, killing the 17-year-old Nadim Nuwara.

The court ruled that Nuwara was not a direct threat to Deri's life, and that he had negligently loaded live rounds instead of rubber-coated bullets that were typically used to distribute demonstrations.

Deri agreed with a plea that broke the charges for manslaughter and led to serious bodily harm and death through negligence. He also received the order to pay the family of the victim $ 14,000.

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