Police force attacked in Druze community

Two policemen and a resident of Sajur were slightly wounded on Thursday night during violent skirmishes in the Druzestad.

A police force that operated in Sajur, which was there as part of the campaign to eradicate illegal gun ownership and the phenomenon that residents shot firearms in the air, saw during a party a shooting from one of the houses in the Druze community.

The police were attacked by several residents of the community after attempting to hold a suspect for firing his weapon, police said.

Police services in Sajur, file photo (photo: Almadar)

Police services in Sajur, file photo (Photo: Almadar)

The suspect accused the police with a knife while the force was being attacked.

In addition to the injuries, damage was caused to the police vehicle.

The enemy seized danger and opened the fire, injuring one of the men involved in the attack lightly.

The man was detained after being evacuated to the hospital to receive medical assistance.

Six additional suspects were arrested by the additional police forces called on the scene, including the man who was suspected of shooting a shot in the air during the party.

The police confiscated the weapon of which the shot had been reportedly fired.

The detainees were brought to the Haifa Court on Friday morning, where a hearing was held on the extension of their pre-trial detention.

The police made a statement with the following words: "We consider any attempt to harm public officials in their duties, and we will take action to fully exhaust the law with the security in general and the well-being of those who to endanger the public in particular. "

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