Police to investigate funeral of killed terrorists

הלווית המחבל באום אל פאחם

הלווית המחבל באום אל פאחם

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The Israeli authorities have opened an investigation into the recent funeral of an Israeli Arab terrorist who was shot and killed in an attempt to stab border police officers in the old city of Jerusalem.

On Friday 31-year-old Ahmad Mahameed approached several police officers at the Temple Mount on Friday afternoon while they were waving a knife. After he had gone to the officers, Mahameed was shot and killed. No officers were injured in the attack.

The Mahameed family, as well as the city of Umm al-Fahm, later claimed he was mentally ill and should not have been killed.

On Monday, the police returned the remains of Mahameed to his family for burial, on condition that the funeral adheres to the restrictions imposed by the police for terrorist funerals. Israeli law enforcement officials have often determined the return of the remains of terrorists to their families on the basis of a number of limitations on the size and character of funeral services, in order to prevent the funerals from becoming mass public demonstrations of support for the terrorist killed.

In the past hundreds, and in some cases even thousands of mourners, participated in funeral currents for killed terrorists, calling participants to future terrorist attacks.

The Mahameed family agreed to the conditions of the Israeli police, including limiting the number of participants in the funeral service to 150, and provided the authorities with a 50,000 shekel deposit ($ 13,692) to ensure compliance.

Despite the promise to abide by the agreement, thousands of people attended the funeral in Umm al Fahm on Monday evening.

"The conditions of the police were violated last night," said a spokesman for the police on Tuesday.

"Many hundreds of participants were seen [at the funeral], contrary to the order, which defines the route and times of the funeral and the number of participants. "

"Because of non-compliance with the conditions [of the agreement], the police will investigate the suspected non-compliance [police] orders. "

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